Ex-STIC internee Heather Holter Ellis profiled

Heather Holter Ellis, 2023 photo courtesy of KFYR

Heather Anne Holter was born in Manila in March 1942. Her parents, Don Wendell and Isabelle Elizabeth Holter were missionaries to the Philippines. Don was the first to be interned in Santo Tomás Internment Camp (STIC). Eventually, Heather, her mother and her two sisters, Phyllis and Martha, were also interned. Their story is told in a recent KMOT-TV (Minot, North Dakota) segment broadcast on 6 September 2023 titled Minot woman recounts surviving internment camp during WWII.

After liberation in 1945, the Holters were repatriated on the S.S. John Lykes leaving Manila on 28 March 1945 and arriving San Pedro, California, on 2 May 1945.

To see the entire article, and listen to the 4-minute interview, link to the KFYR website.

Please look for an upcoming profile of the Holter family to appear on this website.