In Memoriam

During the war, over 1,100 interned, and non-interned, civilians died or were killed. One of them was my grandfather, Alvah Eugene Johnson, who died in STIC of beri-beri in January 1945. This page attempts to document the names of all of these and how they died. Some internees, because of advanced age or ill-health, were not interned as late as July 1944. However, when the Allied invasion of the Philippines was imminent, most of these were re-interned into the camps. This lists includes the names of some non-internees who died within STIC during the fighting after Liberation and civilians who were interned in military POW camps.

Please note that this list includes only “alien civilians,” as defined by the Japanese, at this time. Use the form, at the bottom of this page, for additions and corrections. Special “Thanks” to Maurice Francis and Fred Baldassarre for their many contributions.

Please also note that this page is constantly under revision.

Civilian Deaths by Year (when known)


Note: above totals do not include those who’s date of death in not known.

NameSexNationalityDate of deathCause of death
Margaret Elizabeth AaronFBritish1944/06/11Carcinoma of uterus
Rev. Adriaan Johannes AartsMDutch1943/12/26Killed by the Japanese
George Frisbie AbbottMAmerican1943/02/05Died of old age
John H. AbbottMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Abraham AbolafiaMGreek1945/02/12Killed in the Battle of Manila
Eduardo AbolafiaMGreek1945/02/12Killed in the Battle of Manila
Bertha AbrahamFGerman1943Killed during the War
Irene AbrahamFGerman1943Killed during the War
John AckerMAmerican1944/12/10Died of Tuberculosis
Fred AckermannMSwiss1945/05/19Killed by the Japanese
Mary Ruiz AckermannFSwiss1945/03/02Killed by the Japanese
Clara AcricheF1945/02/13Killed in the Battle of Manila
Morris AcricheM1945/02/13Killed in the Battle of Manila
Jennie Clare AdamsFAmerican1943/12/20Executed by the Japanese
Sister Adelheida Unterseher SSpSFGerman1945/03/15Killed by the Japanese
David C. AffleckMAmerican1945/01/09Died in the sinking of the Enoura Maru
Rev. José Aguirreche AguirreMSpanish1945/02/09Executed by the Japanese
William AhernMAmerican1944/04/03Cardiac arrhythmia, auricular fibrillation
Jacob F. AlbrightMAmerican1945/03/15Unknown
Sister Aloysius Nieder SSpSFGerman1945/03/15Killed by the Japanese
Arvilla Dorcas Ancheta FAmerican1945/04/17Killed by the Japanese
Harold N. AndersonMNorweigian1944/12/15Died in sinking of the Oryoku Maru
Morton T. AndersonMAmerican1944/06/14Unknown
Ray W. AndersonMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Egil AndreassenMNorweigian1944/12/15Died in sinking of the Oryoku Maru
Rev. Anselmo AndrésMSpanish1945/02/26Unknown
Elvira AndrewsFBritish1944/01/24Died of coronary thrombosis
Leo P. Angardt MRussian1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Sister Ansberta Hoffman SSpSFGerman1945/03/15Killed by the Japanese
Ada Aloysia AplinFBritish1945/02/03Missing, believed killed by the Japanese
Gladys Amalia ArcherFAmerican1945/02/07Killed by enemy action
Irene Rosa ArdoinFAmerican1941/12/22Killed in Japanese bombing
Torres ArdoinFAmerican1941/12/22Killed in Japanese bombing
Hans ArmerMGerman1945/02/12Killed in the Battle of Manila
Paul E. Armstrong Jr.MAmerican1942/05/06Died of natural causes
Robert John ArmstrongMAmerican1943/07/19Died of cardcarenal
Horatio B. ArnoldMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Arthur AscherMGerman1945/02/12Killed in the Battle of Manila
Rjarne Asheim MNorweigian1945/01/09Died in the sinking of the Enoura Maru
Alexander AuttoteMAmerican1943/02/19Died of heart failure
Samuel E. AwadMAmerican1945/01/04Executed by the Japanese
Captain Paul Leonard BachMAmerican1943/07/09 Died as Prisoner of War
Alexander BachrachM1945/02/12Killed in the Battle of Manila
Richard G. BaileyMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Benjamin Franklin BakerMAmerican1942/10/18Died of dropsy
Emmett Earl BakerMAmerican1944/12/06Died of Tuberculosis
Louis L. BaileyMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Mary Klein BakerFBritish1945/10/10Died of Tuberculosis
Newland Baldwin Sr.MAmerican1943/10/22Died of diabetes
John Baptist BallMAmerican1945/01/29Died of myocarditis
Joseph Henry BarberMAmerican1944/11/02Died of Tuberculosis
William R. BargerMAmerican1944/12/03Died in the sinking of the U.S.S. Cooper
William E. BarkerMAmerican1941/12/27Killed in Japanese bombing
Pvt. William Spencer BarnesMAmerican1942/10/12Died in POW camp
Albert C. BarnumMAmerican1942/10/21Died of Tuberculosis
Donald P. BarrMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Jennie Miles BarrFAmerican1945/02/16Natural causes
Berton Arthur BarrettMAmerican1944/11/11Unknown
Woodrow Allen Bartges Jr.MAmerican19419432/03/27Died on first day of birth
Eugene Valentine BartholomaiMAmerican1944/10/08Died of old age
Paul BassMAustrian1943Unknown
Edward BatesM1942/07/10Unknown
Neville Richmond BaughMAmerican1945/02/11Unknown
Sara Bertha BaumF1945/02/12Killed in the Battle of Manila
Irene BaumgartenFGerman1945/02/11Killed during the Battle of Manila
James BaumgartenMGerman1945/02/11Killed during the Battle of Manila
Martha BaergartenFGerman1945/02/11Killed during the Battle of Manila
Ignain BautistaMFilipino1945/02/07Killed by enemy action
Alfonso BeaucheaMAmerican1945/03/31Coronary sclerosis, tuberculosis
Israel Meyer BeckMAmerican1944/08/13Heart failure
Meranda BelenFFilipino1945/02/09Killed by enemy action
Louis M. BellMAmerican1943/01/31Killed by enemy action
Sister Benedicta Diancourt SSpSFGerman1945/03/15Killed by the Japanese
Edward Barnitz BennettMAmerican1945/02/10Killed by enemy action
James William BennettM1941/12/17Killed in the sinking of the Anshun I
John M. BennettMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Robert F. W. BennettMAmericanExecuted by the Japanese for trying to escape
James Lawrence BentMAmerican1944/04/13Died of hepatic artery illness
Maurice L. BergerMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
John Edward BerkenkotterMAmerican1942/05/29Died of typhoid fever
Morris BerkowitzMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Sister Bernia Weisert SSpSFGerman1945/03/15Killed by the Japanese
Roy James BerryMAmerican1945/01/03Died of intestinal obstruction
Arthur Harold BesseeMAmerican1942/04/09Died of natural causes
Henry O. BestMAmerican1943/02/08Died of Malaria
Gordon Meldrum BettlesMAmerican1943/06/14Diabetes
James BevillMAmerican1945/01/12Died of pneumonia
Daisy McCormick BiasonFAmerican1942/08/22Killed by the Japanese
Elizabeth "Betty" BiasonFFilipino1942/08/22Killed by the Japanese
John BielaninMAmerican1942/06/01Died of dropsy
Peter Andrew BinkMAmerican1944/08/18Unknown
Maxwell BirchMAmerican1943/06/03Tuberculosis
William H. BirtMBritishUnknown
Heinrich BischoffMGerman1945/02/10Killed by the Japanese at the German Club in Manila
Fred J. BlackMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
James C. BlackMAmerican1943/10/15Unknown
Dwight W. BlackmanMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Harvey V. BlackmanMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Herbert Edgar BlairMAmerican1945/02/20Died of beri-beri
Mary Alice BlakeFAmerican1945/03/31Malnutrition and beri-beri
Eugenio BlancoMFilipino1945/02/07Killed by enemy action
Thomas BlansMDutch1945/08/24Unknown
Frank O. BloomMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Walter Blanton BlountMAmerican1941/12/10Killed in action during bombing of Cavite
Charles Alexander BlueMAmerican1945/02/10Died of dysentery
Raymond George BoakMAustralian1945/05/27Killed in action
Margaret Bruel BoguslavFAmerican1945/07/23Died of a stroke, pneumonia
C. Otis BohananMAmerican1945/04/03Unknown
Jacob S. BohenMAmerican1943/01/16Died of carcinoma of bronchitis
Mark BonifaceMBritish1945/01/15Died of carcinoma of tuberculosis
Herald Hill BookerMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Charles Daniel BooneMAmerican1944/08/19Beri-beri
John Leslie BooneMAmerican1943/01/17Unknown
Ralph Henry BoothMAmerican1945/03/14Unknown
Margot BossFGerman1945/02/10Killed during the Battle of Manila
Martin BossMGerman1945/02/10Killed during the Battle of Manila
Rev. Manuel BotelhoMAmerican1943/02/27Died of carcinoma of cerebral hemorrhage
Robert H. "Bert" BournMAmerican1944/12/15Died in sinking of the Oryoku Maru
William Crayton BoyerMAmerican1945/07/07Died in captivity
Noble James BradleyMAmerican1945/02/11Died of malnutrition
R. H. BradleyMUnknown1941/12/10Killed in action during bombing of Cavite
William Allen BrasefieldMAmerican1945/03/27Unknown
Sjur Nilsson BratteteigMNorwegian1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Lazar BraunMAustrian1945/02/12Killed in the Battle of Manila
Merrill BrentMAmerican1945/02/15Unknown
Thomas F. BreslinMAmerican1942/05/10Died as a result of the Bataan Death March
Arthur BridleMAustralian1945/02/03Died of heart disease
Frank H. BrienMAmerican1943/01/01Unknown
Harry L. BriggsMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Stanley Pulver BriggsMAmerican1942/06/07Killed by Moros on Mindanao
John L. BrillMAmericanDied of Malaria
Homer Eugene BrinsonMAmerican1942/06/30Died of cirrhosis of the liver
Ridie BrixtonMAmerican1945/08/24Unknown
Kurt BroniatowskiMGerman1945/02/12Killed during the Battle of Manila
Bernard Walter Brooks Sr.MAmerican1945/01/27Died of coronary occlusion
Emilie Eleanor BrooksFAmerican1945/02/07Killed by enemy action
Carl Grover BrownMAmerican1945/05/18Hepatitis
Charles I. BrownMAmerican1943/06/12Died of heart failure
Edward E. BrownMAmerican1942/05/22Died of Dysentery
Lt. Hugh BrownMAmerican1945/01/09Died in the sinking of the Oroyoku Maru
Sgt. Vincent Russell BrownMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Verl R. BrowneMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Horace Benjamin BrowningMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Dwight Abner BruenMAmerican1945/01/17Died of heart failure
Hammon Hall BuckMAmerican1945/01/10Killed by the Japanese
Ada Cook BurkeFAmerican1945/02/14Unknown
Lyman Hamblin BurkeMAmerican1944/11/03Anemia and Parkinsins Disease
George Earle BurnhamMAmerican1942/06/22Died of Coronary Thrombosis
Lt. William BurrellMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Harry Royal BurtonMAmerican1945/02/22Died of beri-beri
James Edward BurtonMAmerican1942Died of Beri-beri
Roger Kimball BurtonMAmerican1945/08/08Unknown
George Forrester BurwellMAmerican1945/01/26Died aboard the Brazil Maru
Walter Simond BurwellMCanadian1944/12/30Died of tuberculosis
Raymond Joseph BushMAmerican1945/07/26Heart failure
Adeline Dora "Addie" BussFAmerican1944/02/14Died of sprue, chronic cystitis
Elizabeth ButcherFAmerican1943/05/10Died of starvation
Eugene ButenkoMRussian1945/02/11Killed during Battle of Manila
Natalie ButenkoFRussian1945/02/11Killed during Battle of Manila
John Henry Manning ButlerMAmerican1944/03/15Senility
Rev. Theodore ButtenbruchMGerman1944/11/14Executed by the Japanese
Richard L. ButtnerMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Jan Vladka BzochMCzech1945/01/09Died in the sinking of the Enoura Maru
Mathew W. CahillMAmerican1944/12/15Died in sinking of the Oryoku Maru
Tracy J. CaldwellMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Apolinar Feurtes CalvoMFilipino1941/12/17Died in the sinking of the S.S. Corregidor
Claude Loraine CampbellMAmerican1944/03/11Unknown
Guilford E. CampbellMAmerican1945/02/18Died of beri-beri, heart disease and goiter
Harry Russell CampbellMAmerican1944/12/15Died in sinking of the Oryoku Maru
Harry William CantusMAmerican1944/05/26Died of cancer
Leif T. CarlsenMNorwegian1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Hazel Eliza CarlsonFAmerican1945/02/07Killed by enemy action
Monroe Oliver CarlsonMAmerican1945/01/25Died in the sinking of the Enoura Maru
Vincent M. CarlsonMAmerican1945/02/07Malnutrition
Philip Durkee CarmanMAmerican1945/02/07Killed by enemy action
Clem CarneyMAmerican1943/03/30Died of beri-beri
Carl Franklin CarpenterMAmerican1942/10/11Died of cerebral hemorrhage
William George CarpenterMAustralian1942/08/08Died of paralysis
Edward George CarreraMAmerican1945/02/11Killed by enemy action
Bessie Ena CarterFAustralian1942/12/16Died of pneumonia
Thomas Harold CasadMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Marie Levy CasanaveFAmerican1943/07/18Died of cancer
Cpl. Elzie Lee CastMAmerican1942/12/09Died of dysentery and beri-beri
James Clifford CawleyMIrish1942/10/31Died of stomach ulcers
Sister Celia Molina SSpSFFilipino1945/03/15Killed by the Japanese
Sister Cesaria Coral SSpSFMexican1945/03/15Killed by the Japanese
Frank Vladamer ChamberlinMAmerican1945/04/29Unknown
Pvt. Rex ChamberlinMAmerican1942/09/08Dysentery
Donald David ChambersMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Bartholomew Ambrose CheeneyMAmerican1943/01/15Unknown
John Emile ChristiansonMAmerican1942/11/06Pneumonia, right lower lobe
Vladimir B. ChurakovskyMRussian1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Jim ClampMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Fern Templeton ClardyFAmerican1943/12/20Executed by the Japanese
John Walsh ClardyMAmerican1943/12/20Executed by the Japanese
Mark Walsh ClardyMAmerican1943/12/20Executed by the Japanese
Terry Mark ClardyMAmerican1943/12/20Executed by the Japanese
ArvEl Bayne ClarkMAmerican1945/02/16Unknown
Henry Decker ClarkMAmerican1944/02/02Died of carcinoma of tongue
Conrad ClausenMGerman1945/02/10Killed by the Japanese at the German Club in Manila
Charles Arnold ClearMBritish1945/02/05Died of coronary occlusion
Wellington J. CleggMAmerican1942/07/01Malaria
Capt. Morrison Edward Cleland Jr.MAmerican1944/09/07Died in the sinking of the Shinyo Maru
Ezra J. ClementMAmerican1943/12/30Died of old age
Sister Cleophana Schnettler SSpSFGerman1945/03/15Killed by the Japanese
Ira Dee CobbMAmerican1943/10/18Died of heart failure
Frank Edward CochranMAmerican1944/07/28Died of pneumonia
Ernesto ColeM1942/05/08Unknown
Oliver Saunders ColeMAmerican1944/12/05Died of myocarditis
William K. ColemanMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Francis Xavier ColliganMAmerican1943/06/30Killed by the Japanese
Frank ConroyMAmerican1945/01/25Paralysis
Agatha CookFAmerican1945/01/31Died of old age
Edward T. CookMAmerican1945/02/13Died of coronary thrombosis and beri-beri
George Christian CookMAmerican1944/08/20Died of beri-beri
Herman E. CookMAmerican1942/08/17Died of Dysentery
William Sherman CookMAmerican1945/03/10Unknown
Doris Anne CookeFBritish1942/10/17Died of septicemia
Thomas Jeffers CoolidgeMAmerican1944/12/15Died in sinking of the Oryoko Maru
Arthur Joseph CooperMBritish1945/01/04Died of beri-beri
Lewild O. CorbittMAmerican1944/12/15Died in sinking of the Oryoku Maru
Richard C. CorkleMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Urban L. CorleMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
James Leomer CorleyMAmerican1945/04/18Heart disease
John CorleyMAmerican1942/08/07Died of pneumonia
Angel CortezMFilipino1943/12/05Died of old age
Charles Mason CottermanMAmerican1945/04/10Malnutrition and severe arteriosclerotic heart disease
Floyd Furno CottrellMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Charma Moore CovellFAmerican1943/12/20Executed by the Japanese
James Howard CovellMAmerican1943/12/20Executed by the Japanese
Cmd. George Durno CowieMAmerican1941/12/24Killed in Japanese bombing
George CowperMUnknown1942/07/01Unknown
John Carlyle CowperMAmerican1942/10/12Died of acute endocarditis
James Matthew CoyneMAmerican1945/10/18Unknown
Lt. Alexander Martin CrichtonMBritish1944/09/07Died in the sinking of the Shinyo Maru
Ernest Minerva CrissMAmerican1942/04/09Unknown
George CrockerMUnknownDied in captivity
Elmer Lee CrockettMAmerican1943/12/05heart disease
Samuel T. CroftMAmerican1945/01/01Executed by the Japanese
Thomas H. CrookMBritish1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
John Arthur CropperMAmerican1945/02/01Died of beri-beri
Walter Murray CrosbyMAmerican1945/03/07Died of circulatory failure
Roy M. CrowleyMAmerican1942/07/22Died of infected tonsils
Emmie Davis CruzFBritish1945/02/09Died of malnutrition
Charles Edward CullMAmerican1942/11/30Died of starvation
Milton Wesson CummingsMAmerican1945/04/17Unknown
Rev. William Thomas CummingsMAmerican1945/01/18Died aboard a Japanese "Death Ship"
Walter McKay "Micky" CushingMAmerican1943/10/02Executed by the Japanese
Captain Edgar H. DaleMAmerican1943/02/16 Died as Prisoner of War
Rev. David A. Daly S.J.MAmerican1945/02/10Killed by enemy action
Dr. Hawthorne W. DarbyFAmerican1944/08/25Executed by the Japanese
Lester Harold DarlingMAmerican1942/04/22Died of natural causes
John Wesley DaveyMAmerican1943/02/28Uremia
Stephen Ramon DavidsonM1942/02/05Unknown
Thomas DaviesMAmerican1942/06/16Unknown
Bert Byron DavisMAmerican1944/02/11Typhoid fever
Chester J. DavisMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Edward Braxton Davis Sr.MAmerican1945/02/01Died of Sprue
James D. DavisMAmerican1945/03/30Unknown
Marjorie Ann DavisFAmerican1945/02/07Killed by enemy action
Paul Marshall DavisMAmerican1943/05/27Malnutrition and blood poisoning
Thomas DavisMAmerican1942/05/11Died of natural causes
Francis C. de la FontaineMAmerican1941/12/10Killed in action during bombing of Cavite
Brother Baptist De La Salle JanosMHungarian1945/02/12Executed by the Japanese
Hazel de VeraFAmerican1942/07/01Acute encephalitis
Dr. Edward Mauro De VillaMBelgian1944/11/13Executed by the Japanese
Harvey Lee DeatherageMAmerican1945/02/13Pneumonia
Rev. Laurent DecaesteckerMBelgian1945/03/04Executed by the Japanese
Candana DedeoroFFilipino1945/02/11Killed by enemy action
Samuel Hilary DeebelMAmerican1944/04/04Died of cancer
John DelaneyMAmerican1944/12/15Died in sinking of the Oryoku Maru
Rev. Henri DesjardinsMCanadian1942Missing, presumed killed
Rev. Frans DeSnickMBelgian1945/03/06Unknown
William McGregor DeucharsMBritish1942/04/16Died as a result of the sinking of the Yu Sang in Mariveles Harbour
Rev. Séraphin Devesse MBelgian1945/04/21Executed by the Japanese
Emanuel Joeseph DeymekMAmerican1942/06/19Dysentery
Ernest DibbleMAmerican1945/04/04Unknown
Edmund Nicholas Di DenedettiMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Rev. Francis DouglasMNew Zealander1943/08/27Executed by the Japanese
Samuel Jefferson DouglasMAmerican1942/11/12Died of old age
William J. DouglashMAmerican1944/08/31Unknown
Dorothy Antoinette DowellFAmerican1943/12/20Executed by the Japanese
Merton B. DowneyMAmerican1944/10/24Died in sinking of the Arisan Maru
Cain DuffMAmerican1944/11/07Died of carcinoma of stomach
Alfred Francis DugglebyMAmerican1945/01/15Executed by the Japanese
Kenneth A. DunlopMAmerican1944/12/15Died in sinking of the Oryoku Maru
James J. DunningMAmerican1943/08/24Died of prostate glands
Anthony M. Duquette Jr.MAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Helen W. DurandFAmerican1945/03/30Unknown
Frank DurbinMAmerican1944/12/15Died in sinking of the Oryoku Maru
Bessie Agnes DwyerFAmerican1944/03/28Died of cerebral hemorrhage
Frederick E. DyerMAmerican1943/10/01Unknown
John EdwardsMAmerican1945/02/12Died of starvation
Max EhrenstammMGerman1945/02/12Killed in the Battle of Manila
Charles George EilingerMAmerican1945/02/05Unknown
Charles Louis EiselsteinMAmerican1943/08/17Uremia and complications.
Rev. Luis Ejeda MartínezMSpanish1945/02/09Executed by the Japanese
Juan Miguel ElizaldeMFilipino1944/08/30Executed by the Japanese
Charles A. ElliotMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Adolph D. B. ElmerMAmerican1942/04/17Died of Nephritis
John V. ElsieMUnknown1941/12/10Killed in action during bombing of Cavite
Julia Seibert EnriquezFAmerican1944/12/27Executed by the Japanese
Signe Amelia EricksonFAmerican1943/12/20Executed by the Japanese
Paul S. ErricsonMAmerican1943/03/12Died of Dysentery
Elizabeth EsperanzeFFilipino1945/02/08Killed by enemy action
Chaim EssesM1945/02/12Killed in the Battle of Manila
Joseph David EvansMAmerican1944/10/29Died of tuberculosis
Rebecca Nourse EverettFAmerican1945/01/01Died of pneumonia
Robert M. Evers MAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Valerie Elizabeth FahnestockFAmerican1942/06/30Died of carcinoma
Norton R. FairlMAmerican1945/01/09Died in the sinking of the Enoura Maru
Fred Filo FairmanMAmerican1945/01/11Died of dementia
Father Peter Fallon MIrish1945/02/10Executed by the Japanese
Rev. Antonio FanchiniMItalian1945/01/12Killed by the Japanese
Dean Spruill FanslerMAmerican1945/07/12Bronchogenic carcinoma
Harriott Ely FanslerFAmerican1945/01/19Unknown
Walter Stanley FarnesMBritish1942/06/07Died of pneumonia
Earl Benton FarrMAmerican1942/01/28Unknown
William Clarence FarrMAmerican1943/07/20Unknown
Edward V. FarrellMAmerican1944/12/18Unknown
John FassothMAmerican1941/12/22Died of an intestinal illness
Edward Joseph FaucettMAmerican1942/05/01Unknown
Frederick Ambrose FeigelMAmerican1944/07/26Killed in action
Arthur Oscar FeilerMAmerican1945/03/07Congestive heart failure and beri-beri
John FenisMUnknownDied in captivity
Harry FentonMAmerican1943/09/01Executed by the guerrillas
Rev. José Fernández Fernández MSpanish1945/02/09Executed by the Japanese
John HarrisMAmerican1942/07/09Unknown
Robert J. Fields MAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Rev. Heinrich Josef Gebhard FinkMItalian1942/09/26Unknown
Rev. William FinnemannMGerman1942/10/26Drowned
James Norman FinnemoreMAmerican1942/06/28Died of Malaria
Johnny C. FitzgeraldMAmerican1945/07/17Bronchopneumonia
Richard Thomas FitzsimmonsMAmerican1944/06/27Died of coronary thrombosis
Thomas Henry FletcherMBritish1942/02/15Executed by the Japanese for trying to escape
Richard F. FlowersMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Albert FluckMAmerican1944/12/15Died in the sinking of the Oryoku Maru
Albert Herman FlunkerMAmerican1942/07/22Died of dysentery
Walter Brooks FoleyMAmerican1945/02/07Killed by enemy action
Olive FongFAustralian1943/05/09Died of tuberculosis
Burton Luther FongerMAmerican1944/08/14Died of malaria
Henry Tagros FordMAmerican1945/03/23Unknown
Joseph Franklin FordMAmerican1944/09/09Died of tuberculosis
Gen. Guy Oscar FortMAmerican1942/11/11Executed by the Japanese
Elijah FortuneMAmerican1944/12/30Died of heart disease
Carl Henry FossMAmerican1945/02/15Died of cardiac failure
Charles H. FosterMAmerican1942/12/24Died of Dysentery
Samuel FosterMAmerican1942/04/18Died of nephritis
George H. FournierMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Hubert Thornton FoxMBritish1945/02/12Killed by the Japanese
Nattie Perez Rubio FoxFBritish1945/02/12Killed by the Japanese
Albert J. FoytMAmerican1945/01/09Died in the sinking of the Enoura Maru
Gisela FraenkelFGerman1945/02/12Executed by the Japanese
Sister Franciscetta Hörth SSpSFGerman1945/03/15Killed by the Japanese
Enoch H. FrenchMAmerican1943/06/14Killed in action
Ulrich FriedMGerman1945/02/12Killed during the Battle of Manila
David William FryMAmerican1943/09/18Died of tuberculosis
Dr. Pavel "Paul" FuchsMCzech1942/05/25Died of Dysentery
George William FunkMAmerican1942/01/05Unknown
Matthew C. FunstonMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Midallo GabinaMFilipino1945/02/09Killed by enemy action
Vitali GabolM1945Killed during the War
Samuel Francis GachesMAmerican1945/01/06Cardiac failure
Albert I. GadolMBritish1944/09/06Killed by the Japanese
Jaime "Jimmie" GadolMBritish1945/02/14Killed in the Battle of Manila
John Joseph GallagherMAmerican1942/03/05Missing (presumed killed by the Japanese)
Edward GallaherMAmerican1942/10/16Died of nephritis
Margaret Stewart GallinFAmericanUnknown
Charles Reginald "Rex" GambleMAustralian1943/09/30Killed in enemy action
Gary G. GanfieldMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Bro. Alejandro García GarcíaMSpanish1945/02/09Unknown
Arnold Ernest GardnerM1944/02/19Unknown
David GardnerMAmerican1945/02/28Executed by the Japanese
Florence GardnerFAmerican1945/02/28Executed by the Japanese
Frank GardnerMAmerican1943/09/30Died of paraktsis
James GardnerMAmerican1945/02/28Executed by the Japanese
Gloria H. GarnerFAmerican1944/06/26"Niponitis"
Guy Watkins GarrettMBritish1942/04/16Killed by the Japanese
Jane Frances Noble GarrottFAmerican1945/02/24Unknown
Sigurd GartnerM1944/10/11Died of coronary thrombosis
William Henry Gates Jr.MAmerican1944/01/20Died of hemorrhage of kidneys
Edward Albert Gebert Sr.MAmerican1943/04/06Died of cancer
Brother Adolf GebhardMGerman1945/02/12Executed by the Japanese
Lt. Vicente Ebol GepteMFilipino1944/08/30Executed by the Japanese
Rodrigo GernaleMFilipino1945/02/08Killed by enemy action
Betty Lou Gewald FAmerican1944/04/25Died of appendicitis ; or acute mumps
Allison DeFrance GibbsMAmerican1945/03/15Killed during Allied bombing of Baguio
William Royal GibersonMAmerican1943/08/06Died of dleocolitis
John GilliesMBritish1942/08/07Died of heart failure
Boris Y. GladcoffMRussian1944/09/01Unknown
Mother Mary GlaphyreFAmerican1944/09/11Died of tuberculosis
Albert Keller GodwinMAmerican1944/12/15Died in Ship Sinking or Shot Attempting Escape
Carl Hugh GoebelMAmerican1945/01/30Died of malnutrition
Heinz W. GoehreMGerman1945/02/12Killed in the Battle of Manila
Eugene A. GoffMAmerican1942/04/09Killed in action
Edwin Gerald GoldsboroughMAmerican1944/01/25Executed by the Japanese
Curt GoldschmidtMGerman1944Died in Fort Santiago
Hyman GolingerMAmerican1945/01/06Died of beri-beri
Josef GolombekMPolish1945/02/14Died of starvation
Rev. Crispín Gómez VallejoMSpanish1945/02/08Killed by the Makapilis (armed Filipino gangs who supported the Japanese)
Albert B. GommMCanadian1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Rev. Aniano González Moreno MSpanish1944/10/21Died in confinement
Rev. Prisciano González Moreno MSpanish1945/02/08Killed by the Makapilis (armed Filipino gangs who supported the Japanese)
Benjamine D. GoodierMAmerican1944/12/15Died in sinking of the Oryoku Maru
Robert GoodloeMAmerican1942/04/17Died of rheumatism
John J. GordonMAmerican1944/11/28Died of anemia
Arnon York GrantMAmerican1945/08/30Unknown
William GrantMBritish1944/10/11Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Martha GrätzFGerman1945/02/10Executed by the Japanese
Waldemar GrätzMGerman1945/02/10Executed by the Japanese
William GrauMAmerican1944/04/01Unknown
Reverend M. GrayMUnknownDied in captivity
Rufus T. GrayMAmerican1942/03/15Killed by Japanese
Warren GrayMAmerican1945/01/09Died in the sinking of the Enoura Maru
Harold W. GraybealMAmerican1945/01/09Died in ship sinking
William G. GreyMAmerican1942/04/03Died of old age
Carroll Calkins GrinnellMAmerican1945/01/15Executed by the Japanese
Emilio Manuel GrupeMFilipino1944/08/30Executed by the Japanese
Sister Gumberta Piebler SSpSFAustrian1945/03/15Killed by the Japanese
Leo Joseph GumpMAmerican1945/02/09Executed by the Japanese
Boris GurevitchM1945/02/12Killed in the Battle of Manila
Leo GurevitchM1945/02/12Killed in the Battle of Manila
John Daniel HaagMAmerican1941/12/10Killed in action during bombing of Cavite
Pemberton N. HabbartMAmerican1943/01/09Unknown
Fritz HabererMGerman1945/02/12Killed in the Battle of Manila
Jose HabiriM1945/02/12Killed in the Battle of Manila
Olaf O. HaganMNorwegian1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Wilbert Orin HainesMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Helen "Nellie" HairFBritish1945/02/12Killed by the Japanese
John McGavin HairMBritish1945/01/25Died in the sinking of the Enoura Maru
Blaine Arthur HalesMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Consuelo McMicking HallFBritish1945/01/31Executed by the Japanese
John Bartlett HallettMAmerican1945/01/07Died of starvation
Eusebius Julius HalsemaMAmerican1945/03/15Killed during American bombing
Guenther HamburgerMGerman1945/02/12Killed in the Battle of Manila
George HammondMUnknownDied of Malaria
Margarette HandowskyFAustrian1945/02/14Killed in the Battle of Manila
Caleb Patrick HannMAmerican1942/05/10Sprue
Edward HansenMAmerican1941/09/01Died of wounds
Fred HansonMAmerican1944/04/01Unknown
Joseph Patrick HarnMAmerican1944/10/17Died of tuberculosis
Wilson Winslow Harn MAmerican1945/02/10Killed by enemy action
Frank HarperMAmerican1943/02/11Pulmonary tuberculosis
Mildred Mae HarperFAmerican1945/02/07Killed by enemy action
Albert HarriMAmerican1944/06/13Died of tuberculosis
Herbert Langley HarriesMAmerican1942/03/31Unknown
James C. HarringtonMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Everett Benjamin HarrisMAmerican1944/05/09Died of pneumonia
Capt. Henry Harris Sr.MAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
John Benjamin HarrisMAmerican1944/08/29Executed by the Japanese
Virginia HarrisFAmerican1943/09/27Died on first day of birth
William HarrisMAmerican1945/01/22Died of malnutrition
William White HarrisMAmerican1944/11/23Died of dysentery and heart disease
Winifred Jean HarrisFBritish1943/03/26Died of tuberculosis
Charles B. HartMAmerican1942/08/30Died of ileocolitis hemorrhage
Louis B. HartMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Eddie HartMAmerican1944Executed by the Japanese
Willard L. HartMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
George H. HartpenceMAmerican1942/07/03Died of heart failure
Charles Stevenson HarveyMBritish1944/07/24Died of heart failure, anemia
Herbert HaskelMGerman1945/02/12Killed in the Battle of Manila
Ivan H. HartMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Rev. Carl William Hausmann S.J.MAmerican1945/01/20Died of malnutrition
Monroe HawkinsMAmerican1943/05/07Unknown
John Watson HayesMAmerican1942/06/11Died of Malaria
George Henry HaywardMAmerican1943/10/26Died of old age
William Martin HeatleyMAmerican1944/02/24Died of pulmonary tuberculosis
Leonard HeberleMAmerican1942/08/04Died of Pneumonia
May Bertha HechtelFBritish1943/11/16Unknown
William F. HedgesMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Dr. Gustav HeilnerMGerman1945/02/12Killed during the War
John Baptist HeimMAmerican1945/01/28Died of malnutrition; beri-beri
Brother Victorinus HeinrichMGerman1945/02/12Executed by the Japanese
Ernest August HeiseMAmerican1944/11/16Died of coronary artery disease
Ralph L. Henderson Jr.MAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Thomas George HendersonMAmerican1945/02/07Killed by enemy action
Joel HendrixMAmerican1944/08/18Unknown
Father John HeneghanMIrish1945/02/10Executed by the Japanese
James Alexander HenryMAmerican1943/03/25Unknown
Mary HeppelFAmerican1945/03/03Died of heart disease
Walter Arthur HeppellMAmerican1942/07/10Died of dysentery
Walter Edward HerlingerMGerman1944/05/15Missing, presumed killed by the Japanese
Walter Joseph HermanMAmerican1944/09/18Unknown
Leo HermannMCzech1945/04/02Died in captivity
James Russell HerridgeMBritish1945/03/11Unknown
Carl J. Hess Jr.MAmerican1945/02/02Missing (presumed killed by the Japanese)
Ben B. HessenbergerMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
William HewaldMAmerican1942/09/15Died of heart failure
Charles William Heyda Jr.MAmerican1944/10/11Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Harry M. HezekiahMAmerican1943/04/30Died of cancer
George Wellington HezzelwoodMAmerican1942/05/12Died of malaria or pneumonia
Frederick James HighamMBritish1945/01/25Died of beri-beri
Walter Lawrence HighsmithMAmerican1943/06/05Died of tuberculosis
Alonzo Day HillMAmerican1942/05/09Died of apoplexy
Enoch HillMBritish1942/01/30Died of anemia
John Noel HillMIrishUnknown
Albert Kurt HirschMGerman1945/02/12Killed in the Battle of Manila
Edith HirschMGerman1945/02/12Killed in the Battle of Manila
Armand HirtzMFrench1945/02/12Killed in the Battle of Manila
Lt. Leonard William HockingMBritish1944/09/07Died in the sinking of the Shinyo Maru
Thomas HoeyMBritish1942/08/29Died of heart failure
Ernest Glenn HoffmanMAmerican1944/11/04Died of brain tumors
Emmett O'Neal HoganMAmerican1945/01/25Died aboard the Brazil Maru.
Walter Elmo HolbrookMAmerican1942/10/14Unknown
William Irwin HollandMAmerican1945/02/08Died of malnutrition; beri-beri
William George HollyerMBritish1944/12/09Died of hernia
Patrick Merell HoltonMAmerican1942/05/19Died of Dysentery
Frances Flora HolzerFAmerican1944/07/03Unknown
Harry Eugene HotinskyMGerman1945/02/12Killed in the Battle of Manila
Winston R. HotsenpillerMAmerican1944/10/11Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
William HowardMAmerican1942/03/06Died of heart failure
Smith HowlandMAmerican1944/07/07Unknown
Jaroslav HrdinaMCzech1945/01/09Died in the sinking of the Enoura Maru
Mark Egerton HubbardMAmerican1944/11/09Executed by the Japanese
Bro. Harmann Hubert KreitnerMGerman1945/02/12Executed by the Japanese
William B. HuckMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Floyd Kenneth HuebschMAmerican1945/02/09Executed by the Japanese
Edward Damon HuffMAmerican1945/02/03Died of coronary embolism
Roy Mitchell HugginsMAmerican1945/01/23Died of malnutrition; arteriosclerosis
Leonard T. HughesMAmerican1944/02/05Died of tuberculosis
William Pickens HunniecuttMAmerican1943/08/08Died of heart failure
John Phillip HuntleyMAmerican1945/05/22Tuberculosis
Vera Ivanovna HuntleyFAmerican1945/03/20Heart complications
Eduard HutchingsMAmerican1943/02/22Unknown
Hugh Franklin HutchisonMAmerican1943/09/30Bladder trouble
Leonard Wallace HutchisonMAmerican1945/02/10Killed by enemy action
Sister Mary Hyacinth KunkelFAmerican1945/04/04Disappeared
Frances Bennett IcardFAmericanExecuted by the Japanese
Bro. Gregorio Induráin Echarte MSpanish1945/02/09Executed by the Japanese
Wilburn Meals IrwinMAmerican1943/11/30Died of Cancer
Sister Isburga Faulstich SSpSFGerman1945/03/15Killed by the Japanese
Harold Roland IsersonMAmerican1942/02/24Pneumonia
William Gregory JacobsenMAmerican1943/10/20Died of heart failure
Melville Jack "Mel" JacobyMAmerican1942/04/29Accident
Richard E. JamisonMAmerican1945/02/26Died of heart failure
Walter JastenMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Zena W. JastenFRussian1945/07/10Breast cancer
H. L. JeffriesMAmerican1942/10/12Died of gastric ulcers
Gilbert JensenMAmerican1945/02/08Killed by enemy action
Irving A. JensenMAmerican1942/03/05Carcinoma of the pancreas
J. A. JensenUnknown1942/04/19Bombing
George JereauMUnknownDied of dysentery
Brother Friedbert JohannesMGerman1945/02/12Executed by the Japanese
Arthur Lewis JohnMBritish1942/07/12Unknown
Alvah Don JohnsonMAmerican1944/06/14Killed by the Japanese
Alvah Eugene JohnsonMAmerican1945/01/06Died of beri-beri; myocarditis
Arthur Burdick JohnsonMAmerican1944/11/22Died of beri-beri
Carl Chick JohnsonMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Ernest Emil JohnsonMAmerican1945/02/23Executed by the Japanese
George B. JohnsonMAmerican1944/02/17Died of hypertrophy hernia
George Lawson JohnsonMAmerican1944/02/17Heart disease
Oscar Carl JohnsonMAmerican1943/08/06Died of tuberculosis
Peter JohnsonMAmerican1942/05/05Unknown
Richard JohnsonMAmericanUnknown
Abagail JohnstonFBritish1942/04/16Died of Tuberculosis and malnutrition
Jean JohnstonFBritish1942/02/05Died of heart disease
Frank C. JonesMAmerican1942/02/08Died of diabetes
John Jones Jr.M1941Unknown
Robert W. JonesMAmerican1944/07/19Unknown
G. H. JordanUnknown1942/09/19Unknown
Gaston Michael JordanMAmerican1942/05/15Died of starvation
Bro. Gerfried Joseph HastreiterMGerman1945/02/12Executed by the Japanese
Philip Joshua JoyMAmerican1945/03/18Died of Beri-beri
John JudgeMIrish1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Audum JuelMNorwegian1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Blanche Walker JurikaFAmerican1944/08/25Executed by the Japanese
Denise KahnFFrench1945/02/12Killed by the Japanese
Gilbert KahnMFrench1945/02/12Killed by the Japanese
Josephine KahnFFrench1945/02/12Killed by the Japanese
Pierre KahnMFrench1945/02/12Killed by the Japanese
Ruth Ingerborg KargerFGerman1945/02/10Executed by the Japanese
Charles C. KarsdorfMAmerican1945/02/14Internal hemorrhage
Charles Conrad KasdorfMAmerican1945/02/13Died of internal hemorrhage
Julie KatzFAustrian1945/02/12Killed during the War
Dr. Rudolf KatzMGerman1945/02/12Killed in the Battle of Manila
Rev. Johann de Deo KaufmanMItalian1942/09/01Killed by bandits
George Patrick KearneyMAmerican1942/08/16Died of angina pectoris
Edwin Batelle KeeseyMAmerican1945/01/31Died of heart disease
Raymond KelleyMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Rev. Patrick KellyMIrish1945/02/10Executed by the Japanese
Fred J. KelseyMAmerican1944/12/15Died in sinking of the Oryoku Maru
Helen C. KelsoFAmerican1944/11/01Bronchitis, chronic asthma, malnutrition
James Edward KennedyMAmerican1942/04/17Fatal fall while fleeing from the Japanese
William L. KenneyMAmerican1944/12/15Died in the sinking of the Oryoku Maru
Joseph E. KesselMAmerican1942/06/13Tuberculosis
Max KesselMAmerican1945/02/21Died of malnutrition; tuberculosis
Burl B. KinderMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Preston King Jr.MAmerican1945/01/27Died of mycordial failure
Ernest Astell KingcomeMBritish1943/06/14Died of malnutrition
Ben E. KirkpatrickMAmerican1945/01/09Died in the sinking of the Enoura Maru
Albert Cowles KitchenMAmerican1942/03/01Died of enemy bombing
Frank K. KlarMAmerican1944/11/03Died of paralysis
Aaron Kliatchko MAmerican1944/12/31Died in the sinking of the Enoura Maru
Herman Carl KlugeMAmerican1945/07/10Executed by the Japanese
Raymond Marston KneelandMAmerican1942/06/05Died as Prisoner of War
Arthur K. KnowltonMAmerican1942/12/26Died of chronic bronchitis
Thomas KnutsenMAmerican1944/01/08Died of Bronchial Pneumonia
Bertha KohnkeMGerman1945/02/10Killed during the War
Georg KohnkeMGerman1945/02/10Killed during the War
Irene KohnkeFGerman1945/02/10Killed during the Battle of Manila
Rev. Petrus Maria KooterMDutch1943/02/14Unknown
Manny KornMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
John KoscierskiMAmerican1943/08/27Died of malnutrition
Eugene Andreewitz KremleffMRussian1945/02/09Executed by the Japanese
Matilda Mariana KreshinevitchFPolish1944/12/09Died of beri-beri
David Clinton KretzerMAmerican1944/12/18Died of coronary occlusion
Anna KrikstanskiFGerman1945/02/12Killed in the Battle of Manila
Conrad Oscar KrogstadMAmerican1943/06/17Died of suicide
Max KromMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Henry Joseph KruseMAmerican1945/04/29Unknown
John Riley Kuykendall MAmerican1943/11/06Died of tuberculosis
Arthur G. La CompteMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
William Robert Ladd Jr.MAmerican1941/12/20Shot by Japanese
Rev. Lucien LaFerriereMCanadian1945/02/09Executed by the Japanese
Orley Augustus LairdMAmerican1944/12/15Died in sinking of the Oryoku Maru
John James LakeMAmerican1944/02/19Died of sprue, old age
Father Joseph LalorMIrish1945/02/13Killed by enemy action
Devijiram Cnagomal LalwamiMBritish1945/02/09Unknown
Fred J. LampeMAmerican1942/11/07Died of dysentery
Rev. Leo LamyMCanadian1942/12/19Died of Malaria
Harry LanbishMAmerican1942/01/01Unknown
Leonard LancasterMAmerican1942/04/22Died of coronary thrombosis
Cpt. Gerhard Almer LaneMAmerican1942/05/27Killed in enemy action
Jack E. LangleyMAmerican1943/04/30Killed by the Japanese
Fred Lansing Sr.MAmerican1942/07/09Died of peritonitis
E. W. LarawayUnknown1942/06/01Unknown
Clifford Lawrence LarsenMAmerican1945/02/23Executed by the Japanese
James V. LashleyMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Arthur Boyd LathamMAmerican1942/10/15Disappeared
Claude Bruce Lawrie-SmithMBritish1942/04/09Killed in action
Henry Lewis LawsonMAmerican1944/12/25Died of chronic myocarditis
Blakey Borthwick LaycockMAustralian1942/02/15Executed by the Japanese for trying to escape
Edward LeaMBritish1945/02/24Died of malnutrition
Bertram Godfrey LeakeMAmerican1945/02/06Died of tuberculosis
Rev. Omer LeblancMCanadian1942/08/15Executed by the Japanese
Alvin D. LeeMAmerican1942/05/25Dysentery
Tang Kung LeeMAmerican1942/01/23Killed by bandits
James Andrew LeesMBritish1942/04/16Killed by the Japanese
Robert LeesMAmerican1944/12/15Died in sinking of the Oryoku Maru
Richard Leroy LeffMAmerican1944/09/07Died in the sinking of the Shinyo Maru
Myrtice G. LeggettFAmerican1945/01/16Killed in bombing
Bedrich "Fred" LenkMCzech1944/12/15Died in sinking of the Oryoku Maru
Brother Flavius Leo MIrish1945/02/12Executed by the Japanese
Mary Grace LeslieFAmerican1943/02/24Died of Spina bifida hydrocephalus
Robert B. LesterMAmerican1943/05/15Died of Cancer
Rachel LevyFGerman1945/02/12Killed in the Battle of Manila
Raymond LeyerlyMAmerican1945/02/12Died of malnutrition
Henry G. LindblomMAmerican1944/12/25Executed by the Japanese
George Philip LindenMAmerican1943/01/05Died of necrosis
Arthur Erik LindstromMNorwegian1944/12/13Died on board the Oryoku Maru
John Merlin LippeMAmerican1941/12/10Killed in action during bombing of Cavite
Annie LlagunoFAmerican1945/04/07Malaria
Isaac H. Lloyd MAmerican1945/03/08Died of circulatory failure
Major Alvin Lamar LochridgeMAmerican1945/01/31Died aboard the Brazil Maru
James Charles LockeMAmerican1943/06/01Died of emetine poisoning
Harry William Long Sr.MAmerican1944/11/11Died of tuberculosis
Henry Howard LongMAmerican1944/07/25Tuberculosis
John Henry LongMAmerican1944/06/11Died of Hodgkins Disease
Albert Joseph LouisMAmerican1944/07/03Died of Tuberculosis
George James LouisMAmerican1945/01/28Executed by the Japanese
Irene Olshenke LounsburyFPolish1945/04/07Unknown
Thomas Sherman LovettMAmerican1942/11/28Died of Dysentery, amoebic
Walter Howard Loving Sr.MAmerican1945/02/18Killed by the Japanese
William Watt LowryMAmerican1943/06/19Unknown
Maria LubertFRussian1945/02/15Unknown
Brother Alemond LuciánMPolish1945/02/12Executed by the Japanese
Pvt. Ernest George LuerasMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Herman Carsten LuerssenMAmerican1945/02/17Died of tuberculosis
Gertrud LührseFGerman1945/02/12Murdered by the Japanese
Jutta LührseFGerman1945/02/12Murdered by the Japanese
John Franklin LuptonMAmerican1945Killed by the Japanese
Mary Wilhelmina "Maisy" LuyendykFCanadian1945/03/26Unknown
George Glenn LymanMAmerican1943/07/21Died of cancer of stomach
Thomas T. LynchMAustralian1944/12/15Died in sinking of the Oryoku Maru
Craven Lynn MAmerican1944/10/04Cerebral syphilis
William MacGavinMBritish1943/11/29Died of high blood pressure
Rev. Charles Newton MagillMAmerican1945/02/19Died of beri-beri
Rebecca Snoddy MagillFAmerican1943/05/11Died of carcinoma of pancreas
James Cyril MahoneyMBritish1945/02/09Died of malnutrition
Daniel J. MalarkyMBritish1942/10/29Died of Dysentery, Malnutrition
Robert Emmet ManlyMAmerican1942/08/16Asthma and heart disease
Erick W. MannbergMAmerican1945/04/08Unknown
Sam MantelM1945/02/12Killed in the Battle of Manila
Pasqua MarcelMFilipino1945/02/08Killed by enemy action
Bro. Antolín Marcos Pardo MSpanish1945/02/09Executed by the Japanese
Paul MarcusonMBritish1944/08/04Died of duodenal ulcer
Bro. Arkadius Maria SpiekerMGerman1945/02/12Executed by the Japanese
Bro. Maximin Maria MeierMGerman1945/02/12Executed by the Japanese
Robert Leo MarkusMGerman1945/02/12Killed in the Battle of Manila
Sarah Christina MarshallFAmerican1944/12/20Died of chronic bronchiectosis
Albert R. MartinMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Bro. Rafael Martínez Rojo MSpanish1945/02/08Killed by the Makapilis (armed Filipino gangs who supported the Japanese)
John Robert MasonMBritish1945/04/02Unknown
Clarence Ray MatherMAmerican1941/12/10Killed in action during bombing of Cavite
Lt. Stanley Edward MaxwellMBritish1944/09/07Died in the sinking of the Shinyo Maru
Ernest Leighton McAlexanderMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Howard McAuslenMAmerican1944/12/29Died of cancer
Dora Blanche McAvoyFAustralian1943/11/01Died of cancer
Arthur Edward McCannMAmerican1945/03/15Killed during American bombing
Henry Edward McCannMBritish1942/05/03Died of tumors
Patrick McCannMUnknownDied in captivity
William McCannusMBritish1944/09/04Unknown
Alex McCarthyMUnknownDied in captivity
Rev. James Joseph McCloskeyMAmerican1945/04/09Pneumonia
Reverend Robert E. McCloskey MAmerican1945/02/24Unknown
Carl Hamlin McClure Sr.MAmerican1942/01/11Died of tumors
J. Scott McCormickMAmerican1941/12/25Shot by Japanese
Hugh Edward McDonaldMAmerican1944/10/22Died of myocarditis
Charles A. McDonoughMAmerican1945/03/16Died of Beri-beri
George Mason McElfreshMAmerican1945/01/25Died of pneumonia
John Robert McFie Jr.MAmerican1945/02/07Killed by enemy action
Rev. Edward Barry McGintyMAmerican1945/01/01Addison's disease; dysentery
Grace Anne McGuireFAmerican1944/12/17Unknown
Frank W. McKayMAmerican1943/09/20Died of myocarditis acute
George N. McKayMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Ody Earl McKeehanMAmerican1945/01/30Died of malnutrition; Tuberculosis
Andrew Hendry McKinleyMAmerican1942/05/25Died of heart failure
R. McKinleyUnknownDied in captivity
Thomas Nimrod McKinney Sr.MAmerican1944/12/14Died of intestinal hemorrhage
Thomas W. McLarenMAustralian1942/07/01Died in Ship Sinking or Shot Attempting Escape
Hector D. McLeanMAmerican1945/03/15Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Arthur Jennings McMahonMAmerican1942/07/17Died of Malaria
Angelena Rico McMickingFFilipino1945/01/31Executed by the Japanese
Jackson McMurrayMAmerican1943/08/18Died of heart failure
Eugene R. McNamaraM1942/05/01Unknown
William G. MeeseMAmerican1944/12/15Died in sinking of the Oryoku Maru
Michael MehanMUnknownDied in captivity
Rev. Jerónimo Pampliega Melgosa MSpanish1945/02/19Unknown
Henry (Henri) MendelMBelgian1942/06/01Malaria
Paul Henry MengMAmerican1942/04/16Executed by the Japanese
Leo MerdmaknM1945Killed during the War
Rev. José Tejada Merino MSpanish1945/02/09Executed by the Japanese
Frank S. MerrillMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Charles George MessingerMAmerican1944/12/21Died of portal cirrhosis
Dr. Frederick Willer MeyerMAmerican1943/12/20Executed by the Japanese
John MeyerMAmerican1945/02/05Died of beri-beri
Ruth Violet Schacht MeyerFAmerican1943/12/20Executed by the Japanese
William MeyerMAmerican1944/07/10Died of myocarditis
Ford Henry MeyersMAmerican1942/07/04Unknown
John F. MeyersMAmerican1943/01/08Died of Beri-beri
Charles MichaelsMAmerican1944/08/13Unknown
Oliver M. MichaelsonMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Campbell Mungo McKenzie "Cam" MiddletonMAmerican1945/01/17Died of injuries aboard the Brazil Maru
Clifton Spencer MileyMAmerican1944/10/25Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Frank B. Miller Jr.MAmerican1943/04/27Died of accute pneumonia
George H. MillerMAmerican1942/11/27Unknown
Herbert MillerMAmerican1944/11/15Carcinoma of stomach
Hugo Herman MillerMAmerican1944/03/01Executed by the Japanese on Samar
Read Erskin MillerMAmerican1942/01/26Killed in action
Robert MacVinnie MillerMBritish1944/05/07Died of cardiac arrest
Wilbur MillerMAmerican1942/05/11Murdered
William MillerMAmerican1945/02/14Died of malnutrition
James Garrett MinerMAmerican1943/05/17Tuberculosis
Edward Dever MinfordMAmerican1943/04/30Died of heart failure
David L. MinnichMAmerican1944/08/20Cerebral hemmorhage
James Garrett MinorMAmerican1943/05/17Died of Tuberculosis
Frank Lewis MintonMAmerican1945/08/13Unknown
Kishinchand T. MirchandaniMBritish1945/02/09Unknown
Thomas L. MitchellMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Conway Columbus MoakMAmerican1945/02/16Died of starvation
Frank MoffettMAmerican1942/12/01Died of starvation
Rev. Joseph MonaghanMIrish1945/02/10Executed by the Japanese
Lynn MonroeMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
John Michael MontgomeryMAmerican1942/09/02Died of tuberculosis
Moses Montgomery Sr.MAmerican1942/12/19Died of dysentery
Franklin (Froilan) MooneyMAmerican1942/04/01Executed by the Japanese
Lt. Leslie Elmer MooteMAmerican1945/01/28Unknown
Fred H. MoranMAmerican1945/01/23Died of beri-beri
Claude MorelandM1942/05/01Unknown
Harry F. MorelandMAmerican1942/02/14Died of sprue
Albert Joseph MorrisMAmerican1942/12/14Died of dysentery; beri-beri
Garnet Green Morris IIMCanadian1945/01/09Died in the sinking of the Enoura Maru
Margaret Helen "Dolly" MorrisFCanadian1944/01/27Heart attack
William MorrisMAmerican1942/01/18Died of complications
Estelle Friedman MorrisonFAmerican1943/05/19Died of cerebral embolism
Mose Dean MorrowMAmerican1944/10/02Died of mycarditis
Richard Charles MortonMAmerican1944/06/15Died of encephalitis
John MullerMGerman1942/03/30Died of injuries suffered during a Japanese bombing attack
Rev. Joseph A. Mulry S.J.MAmerican1945/01/15Died of starvation
Remeous MundellMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
William A. MurphyMAmerican1942/09/04Starvation
John MurrayMAmerican1943/01/17Died of undernourishment
William R. MurrayMCanadian1944/04/26Cardiac & Sprue
Anthony MussoMAmerican1945/01/09Died in the sinking of the Enoura Maru
Lucy Parten MyersFAmerican1944/03/25Died of cancer
Thomas Owens MyersMAmerican1944/07/30Executed by the Japanese
Dina NaftalyFAmerican1944/06/27Pneumonia, hypostatic; cerebellar tumor
Capt. Louis Edmond NantzMAmerican1942/11/28Unknown
Peter NathansenMGerman1944/12/15Died in sinking of the Oryoku Maru
Peter NathausenM1945Killed during the War
General Carl Edward NathorstMAmerican1945/02/10Killed by the Japanese at the German Club in Manila
Charlotte Gwinne NathorstFAmerican1945/02/10Killed by the Japanese at the German Club in Manila
Gwinne Trego NathorstFAmerican1945/02/10Killed by the Japanese at the German Club in Manila
James R. NeedhamFAmerican1944/07/18Executed by the Japanese
Frank Irving NeildMAmerican1945/03/14Died of beri-beri
James Howard NelsonMAmerican1945/02/04Died of coronary embolism
David Leon NetzorgMAmerican1942/04/30Died of Cerebral Malaria
John NevinsMAmerican1943/02/25Died of concussion of brain
Benjamin Harrison NewhoffMAmerican1944/02/14Died of Pneumonia and malnutrition
Emmanuel E. NewmanMAmerican1945/06/19Cystic liver and kidneys
Clement Charles NewsonMBritish1942/07/14Died of cancer
Alexander Cochrane NewtonMBritish1942/04/28Died of coronary thrombosis
Wilmer Jeptha Nicholson MAmerican1942/07/19Malaria
Thomas Joseph NihillMAmerican1942/09/08Died of anemia
Sue Evelyn NoellFAmerican1945/02/26Died of peritonitis
Harry F. NorlandMUnknown1942/07/13Sprue
Reynolds Bacon NorthMAmerican1944/10/19Died of heart disease
Rev. Gumersindo Novero MFilipino1945/02/08Killed by the Makapilis (armed Filipino gangs who supported the Japanese)
David NussenbaumMPolish1945/02/12Killed in the Battle of Manila
Ray E. O'BrienMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Thomas J. O'BrienMAmerican1943/08/14Died of undernourishment
Rev. John R. O'Connell S.J.MAmerican1944/10/20Diabetes
John J. O'DonovanMAmerican1943/03/19Died of senility
Charles L. O'DowdMAmerican1944/09/13Cardiac failure, malnutrition
Jeremiah O'KeefeMAmerican1944/08/21Cerebral thrombosis
Sister Philomene Ursula O'KellyFBritish1945/02/10Unknown
George Barrows ObearMAmerican1944/11/02Died of beri-beri
Benno OberlaenderMGerman1945/02/12Killed in the Battle of Manila
LeRoy Thomas "Roy" OdellMAmerican1944Executed by the Japanese
Albert OfnerMAmerican1945/11/06Accidental fall complicated by malnutrition
Margaret OhausFGerman1945/02/10Killed by the Japanese at the German Club in Manila
Karl Martin OhausMGerman1945/02/10Killed by the Japanese at the German Club in Manila
Louis Camille Albert Joseph OhlMFrench1944/12/08Died of myocarditis, beri-beri
Sergei OlfenieffMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Ingvald Martin OlsenMNorwegian1942/07/31Died of Malaria
Margaret Esten OlsenFAmerican1944/09/19Died of tuberculosis, meningitis
Vinda Adkins OrataFAmerican1945/02/03Executed by the Japanese
William Joseph OrlandMAmerican1945/01/08Executed by the Japanese
Carmen Yrastorza OswaldFAmerican1944/11/24Died of tuberculosis
Arthur G. OwensMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Charles Victor OwensMAmerican1943/07/31Died of pneumonia
Marvin B. PadgettMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Thomas M. PadgettMAmerican1942/08/30Died of Dysentery
Samuel W. PageMAmerican1943/02/06Died of heart failure
Stanley PalmentarMBritish1945/02/10Died of malnutrition
Harold Minor PalmerMAmerican1942/10/20Died of complications from an appendix operation
Sultana PaltiF1945/02/12Killed in the Battle of Manila
Rebecca Weinstein PapsFGreek1943/06/12Died of undernourishment
Charles ParkerMAmerican1943/05/16Died of starvation
Paul E. ParsonsMAmericanDied in Ship Sinking or Shot Attempting Escape
Sister Passima Hartelt SSpSFPolish1945/03/15Killed by the Japanese
William PatersonMAmerican1943/07/17Died of cancer
Bro. Paternus Paul SeipelMGerman1945/02/12Executed by the Japanese
Henry Sterling PeabodyMAmerican1945/01/23Died of starvation
Charles Samuel PeacockMBritish1945/01/30Died of beri-beri
Sarah Woodburn PearsonFAmerican1943/02/15Unknown
Lawrence Leroy PeckMAmerican1945/01/23Died of beri-beri
William Lee PennMAmerican1943/11/26Died of beri-beri
Thayer W. PeoplesMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Carlos Munk PerkinsMAmerican1941/12/15Died of 2nd and 3rd degree burns
Walter Kenneth PerrettMAmerican1943/04/24Executed by the Japanese
Age Gilbert PettersenMNorwegian1945/05/02Tuberculosis
Bro. Berthwin Philibert GelbMGerman1945/02/12Executed by the Japanese
Thomas Joseph PiffordMAmerican1942/07/15Died of endocarditis
James E. PilandMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
George PineMAmerican1943/10/28Died of tuberculosis
Sister Placida Schofs SSpSFGerman1945/03/15Killed by the Japanese
Rev. Leo PoirierMCanadian1942/08/15Executed by the Japanese
Elizabeth Gambrill PondFAmerican1943/02/20Died of coronary thrombosis
Adam Oscar PooleMAmerican1942/10/28Malnutrition
Otis O. PorterMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Irving J. PosnerMAmerican1944/10/01Died of heart failure
Margaret PowellFAmerican1943/12/10Senility
Rev. Vincenzo PrandiMItalian1945/01/27Executed by the Japanese
Sidney Allen PresbyMAmerican1944/09/19Unknown
Walter Scott PriceMAmerican1945/03/18Died of pneumonia
Rene Luis PrieurMChilean1945/02/03Died in Japanese shelling
Zapita PublioMFilipino1945/02/07Killed by enemy action
Shaye Raful1945/02/12Killed in the Battle of Manila
Robert Ralston Sr.MBritish1945/02/10Died of malnutrition
William Arthur RandallMAmerican1945/01/31Died of arteriosclerosis
Joseph RappaportM1945/02/12Killed in the Battle of Manila
William Rasche Sr.MAmerican1945/01/27Died of cerebral hemmorrhage
Fred L. RaymondMAmerican1944/12/15Died in the sinking of the Oryoku Maru
Feige RechterMAustrian1945/02/12Killed in the Battle of Manila
Victoria Ghezzi RedfernFBritish1945/02/14Killed in action
William Hughes ReeseMAmerican1945/02/05Died of cinchrosis of liver
Joseph Edward ReiterMAmerican1945/04/25Unknown
Paul RemakMAmerican1942Unknown
Moses ReynoldsMAmerican1942/11/17Died of septecemia
Sister Richarde Mzyk SSpSFPolish1945/03/15Killed by the Japanese
Charles E. RichardsonMAmerican1942/04/30Died of Malaria
Sylvester Louis RichardsonMAmerican1944/10/25Died of heart failure
William Riley RichardsonMAmerican1941/12/10Killed in action during bombing of Cavite
Grace Sage RigbyFAmerican1943/08/04Died of adenocarcinoma of ovary
John H. RiggsMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Joseph G. RiggsMAmerican1944/07/08Unknown
James Milton RobbMAmerican1945/12/15Died in sinking of the Oryoku Maru
Monica Cowles RobbFAmerican1945/02/07Killed by enemy action
Dr. Regina Flood-Keyes RobertsFAmerican1942/07/10Unknown
Joseph RobinsonMAmerican1944/01/01Unknown
Owen Robyns-OwenMBritish1945/01/09Accidental death
Rev. Thomas J. Rocks S.J.MAmerican1942/06/04Killed by armed thieves
Anna van Vechten Bigelow RodgersFAmerican1945/03/15Killed in American bombing
Rev. James Burton RodgersMAmerican1944/04/04Arteriosclerosis, cardiac insuffieniency debility
Donald L. RoganMAmerican1943/07/09Killed in the sinking of the Samuel Heintzelman
Paul DeWitt RogersMAmerican1945/01/09Died in the sinking of the Enoura Maru
Thomas Joseph RogersMAmerican1944/05/21Died of hypertension arterio
William J. RohdeMAmerican1945/07/16Acute urinary retention
Paul Ernst Friedrich RokohlMAmerican1942/08/24Dysentery
Ray H. RollinsMUnknown1941/12/10Killed in action during bombing of Cavite
Brother Lambert RomanusMGerman1945/02/12Executed by the Japanese
Joseph E. RomesMUnknown1941/12/10Killed in action during bombing of Cavite
Walter A. RonowskiMAmerican1945/01/09Died in the sinking of the Enoura Maru
Edward Jackson RooneyMAmerican1945/01/14Executed by the Japanese
Kathleen Patricia RooneyFAmerican1944/12/13Died on first day of birth
Albert John RosalewskiMAmerican1944/11/01Died of stomach ulcers
Dr. Francis Howard Rose MAmerican1943/12/20Executed by the Japanese
Frank Rose Jr.MAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Gertrude Coombs RoseFAmerican1943/12/20Executed by the Japanese
Ada May RosenstockFAmerican1943/01/06Died of acute pancreatitis
Franz RosenzweigM1945/02/12Killed in the Battle of Manila
Erle Douglas RoundsMAmerican1943/12/20Executed by the Japanese
Erle Frederick RoundsMAmerican1943/12/20Executed by the Japanese
Louise Beulah Cummings RoundsFAmerican1943/12/20Executed by the Japanese
Alex RowanMUnknown1942/01/14Unknown
Jess C. Rowland Jr.MAmerican1944/10/11Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Prof. Randall Adams RowleyMAmerican1943/07/11Died of cancer
George D. RoyMAmerican1944Died in ship sinking
Ruth RubenF1945/02/13Killed in the Battle of Manila
Rev. Julio Ruiz SánchezMSpanish1945/02/09Executed by the Japanese
Jacob RussbergM1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Claud Russell Jr.MAmerican1945/04/25Died soon after birth
J. E. RussellMAmerican1942/06/13Died of old age
Michael "Mike" RyanMAmerican1945/03/15Killed during American bombing
Charles G. SaillMAmerican1942/07/28Died of cancer
Rev. Alfonso Saldaña Díez MSpanish1942/09/20Killed by guerrillas
Elizabeth Gibson SaleebyFAmerican1945/05/22Chronic Myocarditis, Congestive Failure, Malnutrition
Fritz SalingerMGerman1945/02/12Killed in the Battle of Manila
Klaus SalingerMGerman1945/02/12Killed in the Battle of Manila
Herbert SalwoodMBritish1945/02/10Died of malnutrition
Jack S. SandersM1942/05/23Unknown
Ulysses Leroy Sanders Sr.MAmerican1945/05/06Died of Tuberculosis
Billy G. SandlinMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
George Louis SangerMAmerican1943/01/19Died of old age
George SangleMAmerican1942/01/18Died of heart failure
Bro. Valentín Santidrián Bermejo MSpanish1945/02/09Executed by the Japanese
Warren D. SargeantMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Frank J. SauterMAmerican1943/09/30Executed by the Japanese
William Joseph Schober Sr.MAmerican1942/10/11Died of tuberculosis
William SchockMAmerican1943/03/29Died of heart failure
Rudolf SchoenwaldMGerman1945/02/12Killed in the Battle of Manila
Francis SchooktsUnknown1942/03/31Unknown
Leopold SchottMGerman1944/07/01Killed during the War
Harry A. SchultzMAmerican1944/12/15Rheumatic heart disease
Charles C. SchwabMAmericanDropsy
Lester L. SchwabMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Dr. Alfred SchwersenzMGerman1945/02/12Killed in the Battle of Manila
Siegfred SchwersenzMGerman1945/02/12Killed in the Battle of Manila
Lucy Chamberian ScottFAmerican1944/02/27Died of gall bladder cancer
Margaret Byroade SealsFAmerican1945/05/22Died of malnutrition and anemia
Lt. James Ernest SeaterMAmerican1945/03/02Unknown
Michael SeidenMAmerican1942/08/31Died of stomach ulcers
Robert E. SentmanMAmerican1942/08/29Died of dysentery
Gerarda SerapioFFilipino1945/02/10Killed by enemy action
George F. SetzerMAmerican1942/05/13Died of Dysentery
Alan Laird SevcikMAmerican1943/02/25Died of pneumonia
John Paul SevcikMAmerican1942/05/20Died of injuries
Eileen Smith ShannonFIrish1945Executed by the Japanese
Oliver John Shannon Sr.MIrish1945Executed by the Japanese
John Roy ShawMCanadian1945/01/21Died of old age, starvation
Walter Ray ShawMAmerican1945/02/14Died of beri-beri
Charles J. SheaM1943/04/30Executed by the Japanese
Patrick SheaMAmerican1942/11/06Died of pneumonia
Robert Henry SherkMAmerican1945/01/21Unknown
George Rogers ShillingMAmerican1943/07/29Died of diabetes
Cyril Arthur John ShrubsoleMBritish1944/01/05Presumed killed by the Japanese
Laura Linsley ShumanFAmerican1945/01/31Died of acute entero colitis
Omar Malcolm ShumanMAmerican1945/07/21Died of a heart attack
Ekaterine A. ShurdutFRussianUnknown
Sister Juliette SimoneanFAmerican1943/06/17Died of tuberculosis
Bro. Romuald Sixtus WegnerMGerman1945/02/12Executed by the Japanese
Michael SlishMAmerican1943/04/30Executed by the Japanese
Alfred T. SmithMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Carl SmithMAmerican1944/01/27Died of tuberculosis
Glenn Walter SmithMAmerican1944/02/05Died of pulmonary tuberculosis
Horatio SmithMAmerican1943/02/24Died of tuberculosis
James Clay SmithMAmerican1942/07/10Pulmonary Tuberculosis
John E. SmithMAmerican1942/04/06Died of old age
Roy Ashton SmithMAmerican1943/11/29Died of natural causes
Walter E. SmithMAmerican1942/11/28Died of tuberculosis
Sidney SmythMAmerican1944/04/06Died of sprue & acute anemia
Gaines SnyderMAmerican1942/05/06Unknown
Gordon SnyderMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Samuel L. SnyderMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Rev. Adolfo Soto de Celis MSpanish1945/02/09Executed by the Japanese
Alberto Sotomayor Sr.MChilean1944/05/07Unknown
Calvin Earl SpeedM1942/01/22Unknown
Louie P. StaffordMAmerican1943/02/16Unknown
Mary Boyd StaggFAmerican1944/08/25Executed by the Japanese
Mark Wray StaightMAmerican1945/02/26Died of heart disease
John Marvin StanleyMAmerican1944/12/14Executed by the Japanese
Walter StanleyMAmerican1942/06/08Died of pneumonia
Peter StearnsMUnknownDied in captivity
Martin Stefansie Jr.MAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Arno J. StengerMDutch1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Eugene W. StephensMAmerican1941/12/19Missing in action
Helen SternFAustrian1945/02/12Killed in the Battle of Manila
Thaddeus John Stevens Sr.MAmerican1944/12/10Died of myocarditis
Lt. Harrie B. StewartMAmerican1944/09/07Died in the sinking of the Shinyo Maru
Lt. Joseph Warren StirniMAmerican1945/01/09Died in the sinking of the Enoura Maru
Rev. Friedrich StoiberMGerman1944/11/14Unknown
Charles StoneMAmerican1942/03/14Died of liver trouble
Lola May StoreyFAmerican1942/02/01Typhoid or tropical fever
Vincent StoutMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Hugh StraughnMAmerican1943/10/08Executed by the Japanese
Jack StraussMAmerican1944Executed by the Japanese
Wilhelm StraussMGerman1945/02/12Killed in the Battle of Manila
Concepcion Aldeguer StreeganFAmerican1945/02/10Killed in the Battle of Manila
Emil StreeganMAmerican1945/02/10Killed by the Japanese at the German Club in Manila
Henry Albert "Hani" StreeganMAmerican1945/02/10Killed by the Japanese at the German Club in Manila
James Barker StruthMBritish1944/06/26Unknown
George S. SturmanMAmerican1942/06/28Died of Dysentery
John Michael SullivanMIrish1945/02/13Killed by the Japanese
Bernhard SüsskindMGerman1945/02/12Killed in the Battle of Manila
Bert SwaderMAmerican1944/10/16 Died of myocarditis
Carl Christian SwansonMAmerican1944/02/06Died of coronary artery disease
Max Eaken SweeneyMAmerican1942/12/03Unknown
Sister SybilFAmerican1944/08/25Executed by the Japanese
Lt. Col. Lester Joseph TacyMAmerican1945/02/09Died of acute malnutrition
Christian Martin TagesenMAmerican1945/05/28Unknown
Bertha J. TalamberasFGreek1943/03/11Died of heart failure
Thomas James TalmadgeMAmerican1945/02/05Died of heart failure
John Barris TaylorMAmerican1943/12/07Died of cancer
Orville Lee TaylorMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Gabuio William TeffordMAmerican1943/05/04General debility
William TelfordMAustralian1943/05/03Chronic prostatic hypertropy cardia vascular renal disease
John B. TerryMAmerican1944/10/31Unknown
Ernst ThierfeldMAustrian1945/02/12Killed in the Battle of Manila
John Arthur ThomasMAmerican1943/05/05Died of dysentery
Jordan Clarence ThomasMAmerican1944/11/19Died of Tuberculosis
Marcelina Apolinar ThomasMAmerican1944/05/05Unknown
William ThomasMAmerican1944/08/15Unknown
Francis S. ThompsonMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Katherine F. ThompsonFAmerican1942/12/14Died of sprue
Samuel Willey ThompsonMAmerican1945/01/31Died of beri-beri
Harold Cyril ThomureMAmerican1942/09/15Unknown
Thomas D. TodhunterMAmerican1942/02/06Died of uremia
John Frederick TomkinsMBritish1945/02/09Malnutrition; Cancer of intestines
Frank E. TompkinsMAmerican1943/11/05Died of undernourishment
Helen Cecilia ToyneFAmerican1944/05/27Died of sinus thrombosis
Edward R. TrappMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Paul Henry TrimbleMAustralian1942/08/11Ciliana of brain
Jemmy Santiago TriplittMAmerican1944/03/10Tuberculosis
William E. "Bill" TrogstadMAmerican1942/11/11Malnutrition
John TuckerMAmerican1945/02/06Died of malnutrition
William James TullochMAmerican1945/09/18Unknown
Wilfred TurnbullMAmerican1944/11/01Died of myocarditis
Arthur Wood TurnerMAmerican1943/11/12Unknown
Jess Herald TurnipseedMAmerican1945/01/30Died in Ship Sinking or Shot Attempting Escape
Henry Umstad UmstadMAmerican1944/11/27Died of coronary thrombosis
George UptonMAmerican1944/08/18Tuberculosis
John P. "Jack" UtinskyMAmerican1942/08/06Died of Tuberculosis
Lawrence J. ValleroMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Rev. Henricus Matheus van AmstelMDutch1942/07/23Unknown
Rev. Cornelius Kees van RoesselMDutch1945/02/03Executed by the Japanese
Louis Joseph Van SchaickMAmerican1945/02/14Died of arteriosclerosis
Andrianus Teunis Van't HofMDutch1945/02/07Killed by enemy action
Josef VarakMCzech1945/01/09Died in the sinking of the Enoura Maru
Anastasios G. VarelasMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Milton James VaughanMAmerican1942/07/08Dysentery
William Francis VichaMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
James Cator VickersMAmerican1945/01/28Died of malnutrition; beri-beri
Sister Victimaria, Jurčovič SSpSFCzech1945/03/15Killed by the Japanese
Gustav VierichMGerman1945/02/10Killed by the Japanese at the German Club in Manila
Charles M. VincentMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Go VincenteMChinese1945/02/10Killed by enemy action
Emery VinesMAmerican1942/05/01Died of Dysentery
Carl J. ViningMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Anthony G. VolneyMCzech1945/01/09Died in the sinking of the Enoura Maru
William Charles WaldoMAmerican1943/10/29Died of paralysis
Guy WalfordMBritish1945/01/14Died of coronary occlusion
Harold "Laddie" WalfordMBritish1945/02/09Missing -- presumed killed by the Japanese
Nancy Page WalfordFBritish1945/02/09Missing -- presumed killed by the Japanese.
Herbert Bateman WalkerMBritish1942/11/16Old age
Raymond WalkerMAmerican1945/02/13Unknown
Albert WallaceMAmerican1944/11/13Unknown
Wilfred WallaceMBritish1942/08/01Died of pneumonia
Edward Casper WaltersMAmerican1942/05/18Died of uremia
John WaltonMAmerican1943/06/23Died of Cerebral Malaria
Louis Archer WaltonMAmerican1945/03/03Died of beri-beri
Frank Halbert WardMAmerican1945/02/07Killed by enemy action
James Ward Jr.MAmerican1943/08/21Died of tuberculosis
Edward WarrenMUnknown1942/04/27Unknown
Thomas WarrenMAmericanDied in captivity
Raymond Ormiston WarringtonMAmerican1945/01/30Died of malnutrition
Edward WarsawMAmerican1942/04/27Died of tuberculosis
Richard Henry WashingtonMAmerican1944/09/01Died of fracture of skull
Gladys Warfield WaterstradtFAmerican1944/03/10Died of intestinal obstruction
William Guy WeaverMAmerican1942/01/06Died of suicide
Mary Lunley WebbFBritish1945/06/23Unknown
Henry Edward WeeksMBritish1942/02/15Executed by the Japanese for trying to escape
Barbara WeibelFRussian1945/02/13Killed during the Battle of Manila
Sgt. Richard W. WeichelMBritish1945/03/10Died of malnutrition
Charles Richard WeidlichMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Samuel WeinsteinMAmerican1944/04/08Erysipelas
John N. WeirMCanadian1942/09/14Died of pneumonia
Carl Ignace WeisbeckerMAmerican1945/08/30Unknown
Joseph WeismanMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Louis Ewald WeithMAmerican1941/12/10Killed in action during bombing of Cavite
Roy E. WelbonFAmerican1944/01/24Killed in action
Lt. Cecil Charles WelchMAmerican1945/01/09Died in the sinking of the Enoura Maru
Margaret WhalenFAmerican1945/08/11Unknown
Paul Frederick WhitacreMAmerican1945/02/04Died of malnutrition
Curtis William WhiteMAmerican1942/05/29Acute myocarditis
Joseph A. WhiteMAmerican1945/10/23Broncho-pneumonia
Lola "Polly" WhiteFAmerican1942/03/04Died in childbirth
Robert Edward WhiteMAmerican1943/09/19Cerebral Malaria
Charles L. WhitmoreMAmerican1943/01/04Died of pneumonia
George Irwin WhitmoyerMAmerican1945/02/17Died of tuberculosis
Harold Allan WhittleMBritish1942/04/09Died in the sinking of the Yu Sang in Mariveles Harbour.
MSgt. Steffan WiderynskiMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Lt. George M. WightmanMBritish1944/09/07Died in the sinking of the Shinyo Maru
Helen Jonaline WilkFAmerican1944/08/25Executed by the Japanese
William Benno WillheimM1945/02/12Killed in the Battle of Manila
Bro. Mutwald William HengelbrockMGerman1945/02/12Executed by the Japanese
Albert Chester WilliamsMAmerican1942/01/16Died of heart failure
Caroline Ada "Carrie" WilliamsFAustralian1944/12/07Fracture of skull
Frank Eugene WilliamsMAmerican1941/12/17Died in the sinking of the S.S. Corregidor
Hugh Hosking WilliamsMNew Zealander1945/01/01Acute colitis
Thomas Ellis WilliamsMBritish1942/09/12Died of pulmonary oedema
Wallace B. WilliamsMAmericanUnknown
William E. WilliamsMAmerican1942/10/05Infection
William John "Billy" WilliamsMAustralian1945/02/12Died during the Battle of Manila
Ralph Noble WillitsMAmerican1942/01/28Died of encephalitis
Fontain M. WilsonMAmerican1942/09/06Tuberculosis
Frederick Gray WilsonMAmerican1944/12/28Died of myocarditis
Harriet Curtiss WilsonFAmerican1942/09/20Died of cerebral hemmorrhage
William Benjamin Wilson Jr.MAmerican1941/12/20Shot by Japanese
Eugene Eveleth WingMAmerican1944/03/01Executed by the Japanese on Samar
James H. WinikerMAmerican1944/12/15Died in the sinking of the Oryoku Maru
Gustav WitteMAmerican1944/09/26Died of tuberculosis
Lt.Col. Oliver Byrd WittenMAmerican1945/01/09Died in the bombing of the Enoura Maru
Gustav Friedrich WolfMGerman1945/02/12Killed during the Battle of Manila
Edwin Leslie WolfeMAmerican1945/03/26Unknown
Esther WolfsonFAmerican1944/02/07Died of old age
Joseph Napoleon WolfsonMAmerican1942/10/20Died of old age
Fletcher H. WoodMAmerican1945/01/06Unknown
Robert WoodfineMBritish1945/03/31Unknown
Howard Allen WoodhamFAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
John Woodson Jr.MAmerican1942/10/01Tuberculosis Osteomyelitis
Paul WoodwardMAmerican1944/10/07Unknown
Samuel WortmanMAmerican1943/02/23Died of heart failure
James WylieMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Brother Egbert XavierMIrish1945/02/12Executed by the Japanese
Marina A. XydiasFAmerican1943/09/26Died of breast cancer
Dr. Yang GuangshengMChinese1942/04/17Executed by the Japanese
Robin William YearsleyMCanadian1945/01/26Died aboard the Brazil Maru
Gilbert Henri "Joe" YetteMAmerican1944/01/06Died of acute pericarditis
George York Sr.MAmerican1942/11/19Died of Myocarditis, chronic ; Heart Failure
Donald McKenzie YoungMAmerican1942/08/25Pneumonia; malaria
Elizabeth YoungFAmerican1943/09/03Died of pneumonia
Gladys Doyle YoungFAmerican1943/02/01Murdered by servant
James Campbell YoungMAmerican1943/07/25Died of tuberculosis
William A. ZeitlinMAmerican1944/10/24Died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru
Albert ZieglerMAmerican1942/11/08Dysentery
Benjamin ZwillichMAmerican1943/02/08Died of tuberculosis
Samuel ZwillichMAmerican1944/02/01Died of tuberculosis

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