Iloilo Internment Camp, Panay

Internees moved to Iloilo Central School in May 1942 and Camp population at 100 as of June 1942.

Marriage of Theodore (Ted) Casanave and Olive Buckner on March 17, 1943.

“In January, 1943, four of the internees who had spent the first 8 months of the war in the provencial jail, came back to the Camp.  Four scarecrows they were, weak and emaciated — Walter Saul, Max Iller, Richard J. (Jimmy) Redfern, and R. W. (Reg) Verney.  Another prisoner, Dr. Gilbert K. Cullen, was also released from jail but was so weak physically that he had to be hospitalized for the duration of the time he spent on Iloilo.”  — F. H. Stevens, STIC, page 301

On June 16, 1943, the 109 internees are transfered to STIC and arrive there on June 22, 1943.

Panay Island, Philippines

Panay Island, Philippines, showing camps at Iloilo and Bacolod (Courtesy of Google Maps)

For more information:

  • Iloilo Internment Camp, pages 295-304 of Santo Tomás Internment Camp, 1946, Frederic H. Stevens

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  1. my family was in Panay internment camp in 1942, my Dad was American an my Mother Filipino. We were together for one year and they released my Mother and 2 sisters and took my dad and sent him to the STIC. until the war was over, would like any information you have of the Emerson family (fathers name Ause Emerson, Mother Isabel, Ester, Gertrude, Alice)

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