July 23rd MacArthur Memorial Symposium on Pacific War

On Saturday, July 23, 2016, the MacArthur Memorial, in Norfolk, Virginia, will kick off the United States’ Commemoration of the 75th Anniversary of World War II by hosting a free symposium, book signing and premiere of Spyron-AV Manila’s new film documentary about the guerrilla war in the Philippines.

Please join esteemed authors Walter Borneman, James Duffy and Dr. Theresa Kaminski as they explore the war in General Douglas MacArthur’s Southwest Pacific Area. Each lecture will be followed by a book signing of each author’s new book. The day will finish with Philippine Director Bani Logrono’s highly acclaimed, award winning documentary Unsurrendered 2.

MacArthur Memorial 2016 Symposium

MacArthur Memorial 2016 Symposium

For more detailed information about the event, please visit the MacArthur Memorial website.

Any questions? Please contact Jim Zobel via email at james.zobel@norfolk.gov or phone at 757.441.2965.

About the speakers:

Walter R. Borneman
James P. Duffy
Dr. Theresa Kaminski