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The following links involve materials that may be of interest to persons researching WWII in the Philippine Islands. Their inclusion does not imply an endorsement by this website. Link to Online Videos relating to internees and the war in the Philippines.

Library of Congress Veterans History Project

National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)

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Major TV & Motion Pictures about WWII in the Philippines

Link to Online Videos relating to internees and the war in the Philippines.

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  1. I am a ex prisoner of both Santo Tomas and Los Banos, my sister, Mother, Father, an self were interned for the full 3 an 1/2 years. My father was the camp’s hair barber when he and his brothers, James Harper, Arthur Harper, Steven Harper, were all sent to Los Banos to build it for the families; his parents and my Mothers parents were sent after 18 months. Need to talk to some one. Memories are getting bad.

    • Hi, Betty, thanks for your message. In my database, I have seven Harpers listed for your family. In order of their birth, they are James Albert (born 1915), Arthur Edward (born 1918), Ella Mae (born 1918), Steven Phillip (born 1922), Anita Mae (born 1937), Betty Jane (born 1940) and William Martin (born 1945). If I am missing anyone, or if this information is incorrect, please let me know. I show James, Ella, Anita, and yourself as being repatriated on the S.S. Cape Meares, arriving in San Francisco on 12 May 1945. Arthur and Steven were repatriated on the S.S. Admiral Eberle, arriving in San Pedro on 2 May 1945. Again, if this is not correct, please let me know. James, Arthur, Steven, Anita and yourself are listed as being born in the Philippines. Ella is listed as being born in Ontario, Canada, and William in Long Beach, California. I will try to send you some more information via email. Thanks again and best regards, Cliff

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