Heyda Family story

Catherine Hedman Heyda (on right) with mother-in-lawThe story of STIC internee, Catherine Heyda, and her husband, Charles Heyda, are the subject of the Herald Times Reporter article of 24 May 2020 titled Manitowoc’s Chuck Heyda gave his life for our country in World War II. Here’s his story.

In the article, reporter Scott Graykowski details the lives of Charles William Heyda Jr. and Catherine Maria Hedman, who were married in Wilmette, Illinois, on 29 January 1940, and their trip to the Philippines, to continue his work as a mining engineer. The facts are sketchy, but while Charles joins up with the U.S. Army, or the guerrillas, Catherine is interned in Santo Tomás. For the full details, please read the full article.