F. Stevens STIC book now available in PDF format

STIC 1946 Frederic StevensThrough the courtesy of Google and the HathiTrust, I have formatted and uploaded a PDF version of the complete 1946 Frederic H. Stevens book, Santo Tomas Internment Camp. You can read this book online and search for any word, or name, in the text by pressing the Ctrl and F keys on your computer simultaneously.

However, this 569-page book is in the public domain, meaning that it can freely be downloaded, printed and distributed. Most computer systems, and Internet browsers, can open PDF files. If your computer can not open the file, you can download a free PDF viewer.

I have done very little editing to the book. It’s greatest weakness is that there is no index, which made it difficult to locate individuals or families. To compensate for this, the electronic document can be searched by any word or name. However, be aware that searching for “Stevens” will also find “Stevenson,” etc.

To enhance access, I have used bookmarks to enhance the Table of Contents to include the sub-sections of the book. You can also view thumbnails of all the pages of the book. Additionally, I have added a page for the glorious illustrations and poems sprinkled throughout the book. A moment of humor from the book, page 232:

Excerpt from the minutes of the Executive Committee, September 17, 1943: “Chairman stated that he had discussed in a preliminary way the desirability of extending sleeping privileges in shanties to wives and children with both the Commandant and the Chief of the Bureau of External Affairs.” (sic)

There are also some very poignant section. For example, the book includes a limerick submitted by internee Guy Walford on 13 January 1945:


Some day this great war will be over,
Once more we shall all live in clover;

    Saint Thomas will seem
    Just a bad, bad dream,

As we sail past the White Cliffs of Dover!

Note: Guy died of a heart attack on 14 January 1945, while still interned in Santo Tomas.

Use this link to connect to the PDF file to connect to the PDF file. If you have any problems downloading this book, please send me a message through the comment page and I can send you a copy via email.

We hope to have other public domain books regarding Philippine civilian internment camps very soon. Happy reading!