More photos from Fred Hill WWII collection

Fred Hill near Dulag, Philippines

Fred Hill near Dulag, Philippines

This week, I’m continuing to show from a collection of photographs from the Pierce Library, at Eastern Oregon University, called the Fred Hill World War II Photographs. Fred served during the War and took many photographs during his service. He also collected photos from others, so some of these may have been published before in books, articles, websites, etc.

Click on any of the photos to enlarge. Unfortunately, these are not high-definition photos. For print quality images, prints, or high resolution tiff files, or for commercial uses please contact the Library Director at Eastern Oregon University. If you reference any of these photos, please cite Pierce Library, Eastern Oregon University, as the source.

Please use the comment form if you have any comments, corrections, questions or if you recognize any of the unnamed people in the photos. Thanks to Patty Gene Croft Stevens for identifying Beulah Schechter and Patricia Chittick in last week’s listings.

I am still looking for people to view a short Japanese propaganda video shot at Santo Tomás early during the War. I am hoping to annotate a version of the video with comments and identify any of the recognizable internees.

Aerial view of Old Bilibid Prison, 1945Aerial view of Old Bilibid Prison, 1945
Young boy sits inside STIC shanty, 1945Young boy sits inside STIC shanty, 1945
STIC shanties, 1945STIC shanties, 1945
Aerial view of STIC, 1945Aerial view of STIC, 1945
Manila Hotel damage, 1945Manila Hotel damage, 1945
U.S. military model of Corregidor, 1945U.S. military model of Corregidor, 1945
Baguio rental cottages, 1945Baguio rental cottages, 1945
Samar Street cleared of mines, Manila 1945Samar Street cleared of mines, Manila 1945
Aerial view of Baguio, 1945Aerial view of Baguio, 1945
Japanese "Sally" bomber being shot down, 1945Japanese "Sally" bomber being shot down, 1945